Brink Analytics

Bringing data, analytics, and visualization to life

Brink Analytics serves both the financial and construction sectors
We utilize a proprietary live-feed of nationwide construction activity to enable accurate financial forecasts as well as unique construction analytics


Permit Insights

Visually see construction activity in your area

With the ability to zoom in to any level of detail, we provide everything you need to find leads in your area or see what the competition is doing.

Builder Insights

Find the top builders by location and demographics

See which builders are operating in any geographic areas that you select. Powerful filtering enables you to compare the builders targeting specific customer demographics. Builder Insights also gives you a prediction of future activity allowing you to understand where the market is heading.

US Census Predictions

Know the housing report before official release

We use our real-time stream of housing data to accurately predict key indicators in the US Census New Residential Construction Report in advance of the official release on the 12th workday of the month.

Solar Reports

Know how much installed capacity was put in service

We provide comprehensive data on solar installations nationwide. Want to know how much capacity SolarCity installed last year as compared to the competition? We've got you covered.

Custom Analytics Reports

Have us deliver custom reports tailored for your exact needs

Let our team of data scientists help craft the exact analysis you need. We can provide the output direct to your email, in a pdf or connect you to our API to enable automatic connection to your internal tools.



Visually see construction activity in your area

With the ability to zoom in to any level of detail, we provide everything from leads to area builder comparisons to competitive analysis.


Know where the market is truly moving

See which geographic regions are hot, how the residential or commercial market is fairing or any number of other analytics months in advance of anyone else. We can even provide estimated financials on public or private companies.


Know who is installing and who is buying/h5>

We provide comprehensive data on solar installations nationwide with estimates of installed capacity by any geographic area or demographic.

Real-time insight

Brink Analytics continuously analyses our proprietary data stream from over 400 localities to obtain real-time insight and expand those insights nationally. 

Move before the market

Brink Analytics will give you an accurate measure of the market 4 months in advance of official government reporting or quarterly statements from your tracked companies.


Brink utilizes a stream of proprietary and public information to continuously and accurately model the construction market. Brink's data provides a real-time look at all segments of the US construction market whether your interest is in residential, commercial, single or multifamily, solar, or even remodels. Brink's products enable everything from construction market lead generation to highly accurate financial market predictions. Due to the nature of Brink's source data we can even provide insights on non-public home builders not available anywhere else.

Brink's team of experts hail from organizations such as Intel, The Johns Hopkins University, SpaceX, and Lockheed Martin among others. Previously, the core team at Brink successfully navigated a venture funded big-data analytics startup from founding through acquisition. We excel in the creative application of ground breaking technology on a dependable timeline. Scientists with temporal discipline, a rare breed.

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